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5 reasons why to send Newsletters

Sending Commercial Newsletters is possibly one of the most important options to be considered when you sale products. Why? For these five simple reasons:

1. Customer Acquisition: As a wholesaler, you know that business is valueless without customers. Newsletters help you to attract users interested in what you offer, and it increases likelihood to buy.

2. Segmentation and testing: You can target your customers and create custom content and offers depending on the type of client you are going to reach. In addition, there is also the option to check and test different offers so you can find which one sale better.

3. Ease to approach: Promoting your business with Newsletters is easy. They are simple to build, deploy and maintain. Your company, products and services will be easily promoted and it also generates trust and credibility improving the construction of your brand (branding). Your company will be closer to your customers.

4. Saving: E-mailing marketing costs 80% less than a traditional mailing. It reduces the cost of paper, envelopes, stamped, etc. Compared to a traditional direct mail campaign, newsletters reach up an average of 20% more customers and professionals.

5. Speed: An e-mailing camping can be created, developed and closed in three days getting up to 90% success in less than a week. It is a powerful tool for unplanned campaigns.

If you’re really determined to do a newsletter campaign and you don’t know how to start, 500Cosmetics b2b team will help you to create free interactive material.

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